Biodegradable material

Biodegradable material for packaging as well as for toher applications have entered our lives for good. Having an environmental sensitivity, we are represnting the following companies

Ecosmartplastics (ESP), incorporated in 2004, would like to introduce the greatest technological advancement in plastics. ESP-BIO™ & ESP-REPELLEM™ additives are the next revolution in plastics and pest-repellent technologies. 100% Earth-friendly, 100% Green and 100% All Natural. In over 10 years of research and development, these unique and eco-friendly additives were created. Both technologies are based on organic and natural ingredients that a safe, non-toxic, and chemical free.

The ability to produce plastics that turn back into the natural earth when they are throw into a landfill, a compost bin, or the ocean, is not a dream but a reality! What’s special about our ESP-BIO™ additive is that it gives every manufacturer the ability to produces plastics that have an indefinite shelf-life, and do not contaminate the recycling stream. Plastics with ESP-BIO™ do not break down because of exposure to light, heat, moisture, or oxygen, unlike all of our competitors. ESP-BIO™ also do not alter the typical strength of the plastics produced, nor any other properties that are desired. Ecosmartplastics wants to make our ESP-BIO™ additive as production friendly as possible, so with this in mind, we have developed and compounded it into 4 different variations:

  • For customers looking to produce LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE or PET products, ESP-BIO™ with an LDPE base resin works best for these applications..
  • For customers looking to produce BOPP films, snack bags or other PP products, ESP-BIO™ with a PP base resin will make the most sense..
  • For customers looking to produce Styrofoam nuts, cups, plates, high-impact sheeting, ice coolers, or other similar products, ESP-BIO™ with a PS resin base will work best..
  • For customers looking to produce different vinyl or PVC products, ESP-BIO™ with an EVA base resin will blend best..

Ecosmartplastics’ ESP-REPELLEM™ additive is currently produced in an LDPE base for use in most plastics.

Ecosmartplastics (ESP) also has a custom production division, which offers our customers finished production of complete products for retail, commercial or industrial uses. We are also currently marketing several branded products at retail, such as our Eco-smartbags™ line of unscented trash bags . We offer a variety of classic sizes that are made with a premium on quality in the USA. We also produce our Repellem™ line-up of trash bags, tablecloths, tent liners, mats, Dog Poop bags along with our new Repellent Roll-on/Stick-Solid and Hanging Repellent Block. All these products keep the dogs, cats, raccoons, mice, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees and most other nuisance insects and animals away for a pest free environment!

ESP-Repellem™ uses All Natural Ingredients to repel pests, so consumers will appreciate how it works without the worry of dangerous and toxic chemicals.

ESP-REPELLEM™ also has a nice, fresh scent that people will love but pests will hate!

ESP-BIO™ and ESP-REPELLEM™ additives have been extensively tested using respected independent laboratories. ESP-BIO™ has current 2010 tests at our prescribed load factor of 1.5% that prove our technology works! ESP-BIO™ has passed many current ASTM standards, such as ASTM-D5511, ASTM-D6474, OECD-207 and OECD-208 just to name a few. All ESP-BIO™ and ESP-REPELLEM™ test results are available upon request.

Biopap is the brand associated with innovative and environmental-friendly food containers designed for the most demanding food packaging applications.

Biopap food containers are monomaterial, biodegradable and compostable. Their key feature is to be suitable from freezer to oven. Cartonspecialist Ltd. is the producer and distributor of Biopap food containers and is located in Settimo Milanese (Milan) Italy. Cartonspecialist is active both on the domestic market and abroad.

The founders and the management have a long experience in the paper & board industry. This solid background allows Cartonspecialist to capitalise on knowledge and experience and to target the leadership in environmental friendly dual ovenable food packaging containers.

The company operates in 2 industrial buildings.

The second and new one has been finished in 2005 and was built according to bio-architecture principles reducing to the minimum the environmental impact of the construction and using only natural materials such as wood and stone.

The specific design minimizes the energy consumption both for its heating/cooling and for its lighting.

The roof has been already designed to host solar cells with the aim of producing electric energy from the sun.

Dimensions of Biopap products
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