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Publication/Printing Papers

Coated papers & boards (90 – 400 gsm)
Illustration and velvet

GC1 & GC2 Boards (275 – 560 gsm)
Coated boards for graphic arts, packaging, book covers e.t.c.

Bristol Boards (160 – 640 gsm)
white and coloured.

Envelope paper (60 – 170 gsm)
Paper for high quality envelopes, pockets and CD envelopes

Business paper (80 – 350 gsm)
OCR, OMR, MICR, Color Laser Copy etc.


Special papers

Crepe tissue (40 – 130 gsm)
Filters, antiseptics – aromatic towlettes etc.

Security (40 – 130 gsm)
with or without watermark for banknotes, bills, tickets, checks, lottery, stamps, tobacco etc.

Painting (120 – 550 gsm)
sheets or reels and ready to use products: block and pads.

Magnetic (463 – 903 gsm)
Magnecote prints like a paper, acts like a magnet! Printing processes: Οffset, Flexo, Digital

Deluxe edition (90 – 270 gsm)
Papers made of 100% cotton, for non-ageing editions

Thin printing paper (40 – 60 gsm)
Law books, religious books, travel guides, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry – 40-60 gsm

Music book paper (60 – 120 gsm)
60-120 gsm

Book paper (45 – 120 gsm)
Max bulk: 1,35 – 45-120 gsm

Synthetic (90 – 200 gsm)

Map paper

Ready for use

Wrapping paper (gifts, invest boxes etc.)

Envelopes, letterhead, cards

Labels, folders, notebooks

Leather goods & gifts

Napkins, Tablecloths

Coasters, placemats

Packaging Papers

Boards produced from virgin pulp (FBB and SBS) (190 – 650 gsm)
Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pastry discs, coasters, air – fresheners / deodorants, passepartout, plates, cups for cold content, special structures, puzzles etc.

Recycled boards (FSC and PEFC Certified) (190 – 650 gsm)

Metallized papers (52 – 93 gsm)
Food, chocolates, beer label, IML, gift wrap, cigarettes etc.

Greaseproof (30 – 200 gsm)
Bags for greasy foods, sandwich, pastry cups, for lamination, butter packaging, dough, chocolate, etc.

Greaseproof boards (200 gsm)

MG Kraft (35 – 120 gsm)
Bleached – Bags for all kinds (fast food, bakery, butchers products etc.), tea bags, sugar and flour packing, ice cream cones, bags etc.

Hydrophobic (40 – 80 gsm)
White and peach – Cheese Packaging (feta, etc.), meat and poultry trays

Silk paper (17 – 50 gsm)

Filter papers
Tea and coffee filters

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